Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International

Creating understanding and acceptance for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual. transgender, intersex) people and empowering community members. This will be achieved by  providing education,  consultancy, resources and utilising social and media networks.

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Anthony Venn-Brown, founder and CEO of ABBI, provides a range of services:

Initial inquiries can be made by emailing

Seminars and workshops

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Speaking topics include:

  • Creating a Space for Change – being an ambassador and bridge builder
  • Self Image, Self Esteem and Sexual Identity  - the connections
  • A Life of Unlearning – from high profile closeted Christian preacher to LGBT community leader
  • 'Ex-gay' ministries – inside view of the philosophies, impact and evolution
  • Situational heterosexuality – being gay in a straight marriage
  • The Velvet Closet – the final frontier
  • How do destroy homophobia in a single day
  • YOU CAN'T! – the long road to equality and human rights
  • The history of homosexuality in Australia
  • Defining moments in life – the good, the bad and the ugly

Churches, Denominations and Church Leaders

  • 15 things I've learnt discussing homosexuality and Christianity
  • Homosexuality and the Church – why we got it so wrong
  • Gay Christian 101: Those bible verses - 11 out of 31,173
  • The tragic outcomes of ignorance
  • The 10 issues churches will encounter becoming accepting, welcoming and affirming of LGBT people
  • Safely transitioning a church to accept and embrace LGBT people
  • Why Australian Pentecostals will embrace LGBT people.
  • Gay Christians – lepers or gentiles?
Custom designing a program that is relevant to your specific situation or area is important. Initial inquiries can be made by emailing

One on one coaching

Initial inquiries can be made by emailing