LGBT Coaching

Since 2000, as an internationally accredited coach (ACC ICF), Anthony has coached a broad range of clients in their personal and professional lives and gained over 10,000 coaching hours experience. During this time he has also trained and mentored other coaches.

Ongoing referrals and many clients returning to work on further projects, indicate Anthony’s success as a professional coach.

Anthony’s background includes 30 years experience in variety of learning and development settings, establishing successful businesses and creating exceptional sales results (leading sales consultant for Optus Telecommunications). He has presented to audiences of up to 5,000 around Australia as well as overseas. Anthony’s award winning autobiography ‘A Life of Unlearning’ is now in its second print and he has appeared on national television and radio. Anthony has also served as CEO and Director of several not-for-profit organisations. Anthony relates well to people at all levels and also different cultures having worked in  Singapore, Malaysia, West Africa, and Papua New Guinea and with professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Richness in life experience is what makes Anthony stand out as a coach. His proven ability to pioneer new opportunities, negotiate challenging situations and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes, enables him to connect insightfully with clients.

By providing a space of objectivity, creativity and challenge, Anthony’s clients gain the clarity and necessary tools to create the career, performance or internal transformation they desire.

If you want coaching in your personal and/or professional life Anthony recommends his Dare to be your Best program. Testimonials here.

Please Note: US, UK, Asia, NZ, Australia or anywhere in the world, coaching can be done effectively either on the phone , via the internet or face to face (if you live in Sydney). Your privacy is always respected and strict confidentiality assured.

Specific Coaching Programs for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Clients and those Questioning their Sexual Identity

1. To come out or not come out? – that is the question 

Undecided about coming out? Often a tough decision. who can you trust to talk to about this in complete confidentiality. Every person has the right to choose if and when they want to be open about their sexuality. That right should always be respected. It’s not what others think you ‘should’ do, it’s what is right for you. Let me help you work what that is.
  • Not sure how coming out will affect your career, business, family or friends? 
  • Concerned or fearful about the consequences?
  • Unsure if the timing is right?

2. Mixed orientation marriage – what to do?
  • Same sex oriented or bi-sexual in a heterosexual marriage? 
  • Wanting help with clarity and decisions? 
  • What are the 7 options available to you? 
  • How to weight up the benefits and possible consequences of disclosure 
  • Managing the internal dissonance? 
  • Sorting out the priority of needs – mine, partners and family
    For many of us, being gay, lesbian or bisexual in a heterosexual marriage was not a choice of intentional deception. Our marriages were the result of the pressure to conform and do the right thing. Some of us grew up in a society where homosexuality was considered a perversion or psychological illness. A few of us remember the days when it was a criminal offence for two men to have sex. When we married, we did so believing it was the right thing to do and expecting it would change what we perceived was faulty within us. Was the current knowledge on sexual orientation available to us then, our choices would have been different. 

    In life, there are no guarantees but only possibilities and potential outcomes but this specifically designed program will help you look at all options and enable you make informed decisions about your present and future. 

    3. Opening the door - coming out

    • The internal six step process of coming out, from denial to celebration.
    • When to come out. Appropriate timing is important.
    • Who to come out to. You make the choices.
    • How to come out? A plan and strategy that ensures you are in control.
    • What additional support or information will you need?
    • How to deal with any negative reactions?
    • How to give others the space and time to process your honesty.
    • What does it mean to live an authentic life.
    • Other specific issues of family, culture, religion, work.

    4. Resolving Faith and/or Sexuality Conflict

    LGBT people of faith and religion exist in or have experienced two worlds often intensely opposed to each other.  This tension creates specific issues that have not always been identified or catered for. LGBT people of faith and religion experience the usual issues of resolving their sexuality or gender identity, coming out, finding their place in the community and learning what it means to live authentically in a predominately straight world. They often however, experience these things with greater intensity and also have additional issues to deal with. 

    5. Life after the Closet
    For some people coming out means beginning a whole new life; new friends, new culture, new community. Rebuilding our lives, finding our place in the LGBT community, working out what it means to us to live authentically in a predominately straight world can be challenging. To work with someone who has successfully made this transition and is well connected can be of great value and help you to live an authentic life which is in harmony with your personal values. Accessing the hidden community and not just the tip of the iceberg (gay ghetto) will help.

    6. Dare to be Your Best
    Be successful both professionally and personally. For over 10 years now I have taken 100's of people through the Dare to be Your Best 12 week coaching program. This takes an holistic approach to your life covering 10 separate areas including career, relationships, social life, health, sense of self and finance. You walk away with a one, five and ten year plan for your life in total harmony with your personal value system. You can read about the impact this has had on individuals lives here.

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